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Add On ALARM Sensor For General Alarm Detection

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Prod. Code: AESENSOR

AlarmEar Sound Sensor - This sensor was designed to allow monitoring of ANY alarm system that uses a siren or bell when going into alarm.

Some alarm companies "LOCK OUT" their alarm panels. Some systems are TOO OLD. Some systems simply have no dialer or transmitter option as they were made to only be a 'local' system. And Some systems aren't even "alarm systems".  They could be an exit door or mechanical system alert system.  The ALARM EAR can still monitor them. 

In fact, it's Ideal for monitoring fire or sprinkler bells or even emergency door exits.  

To Connect this device, you simply plug our ALARM EAR HUB into your local high speed internet router.

Then place the wireless "ALARM EAR" within 6 inches of the sounding device you want monitored.  That device will now be connect via Wi-Fi to the HUB and into our monitoring center. 

Should the alarm system go into alarm, a wireless signal is sent to the master receiver, which in turn transmits the fire alarm into the 24 hour monitoring center at the lightning speed of less that 10 seconds.

 Additional Sound Sensors, Including Smoke, Co2, Water & Freeze sensors Can Be Added For $59.95 $39.95 each with no additional monitoring fees. 



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  In compliance with UL 827, Standard for Central Station Services,
Automation systems and NFPA72 National Fire Alarm Code.       

   *WNationwide Licensing

Alabama 944165  Alaska*  Arizona*  Arkansas*  California ACO6923  Colorado 1042146  Connecticut * Delaware 796477048077   Florida 20000708 Georgia EF20000676   Hawaii*   Idaho A362ID  Illinois 67181018  Indiana 0000493  Iowa*  Kansas*  Kentucky*  Louisiana*  Maine*  Maryland 107-1655  Massachusetts*   Michigan*   Minnesota 38970712  Mississippi*  Missouri* Montana*    Nebraska*  Nevada 2010056895713  New Hampshire*  New Jersey*  New Mexico*  New York*  North Carolina*  North Dakota*  Ohio*  Oklahoma 1763  Oregon*  Pennsylvania* Rhode Island*  South Carolina*  South Dakota*  Tennessee*  Texas *B16900  Utah*  Vermont*  Virginia *F1830608  Washington *601752286  West Virginia*  Wisconsin*  Wyoming* (*Designates Not required or In "Process. )

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