AlarmSnap - What is AlarmSnap?


An Expandable State of The Art Internet Based Alarm System

A Monitored Security System is one of the most important services for homes and businesses.

When considering either a new security system or replacement of an existing one, AlarmSnap is the clear and logical choice.

AlarmSnap with Professional or Self-Monitoring helps keep thousands of families homes and businesses safe each year, both when they are there and away.

Our AlarmSnap system can be ordered as a standalone system or used to replace an existing system that is malfunctioning.  In fact, with our new "hard wire conversion sensors" you can move all the existing hard wire circuits from your old alarm system right into your new  AlarmSnap  system getting the best of both worlds.

Most Professional Alarm Monitoring is expensive and requires long term contracts, but with AlarmSnap we offer a 12 MONTH LEASE TO OWN program that costs nothing to start (Actually .01 cent) with your choice of professional or DIY monitoring services.  Then after your 12 months has passed, you can choose to continue the monitoring services or not and the entire system becomes yours.

With AlarmSnap, our basic Lease-to-Own starter kits includes the alarm panel (Network Internet Hub) with everything you need to protect most homes or businesses.  Then you can expand the system footprint by adding unlimited door and window sensors as well as our 360 degree motion sensors. You can even add water sensors to prevent unchecked leaks under sinks or at a hot water tank.  And with our temperature sensor, detect freezing before it occurs.

Finally, instead of having to buy new smoke detectors throughout your premises, our fire sensor will detect your existing smoke or Co2 sensors going into alarm, saving you hundreds of dollars in replacement smoke detector costs when adding monitored fire protection.

 AlarmSnap even offers live video cameras that you can add you your system to view, talk and listen to your premises 24 hours per day,  whether you have an alarm condition or not.   It's up to you what modules you add to the basic starter kit immediately or in the future.



"Don't know why I didn't get AlarmSnap sooner" - Dave K. - Stanton, OH .......... "I have now installed AlarmSnap in all my rental properties" - Ian K. - Dover, RI .......... "The whole system was very easy to setup" - Randy T. - Dallas, TX .......... "Much easier that I thought. I'm signing up for my office too" - Ken S. - Kent, WA. .......... "I save over $300.00 a year on the same alarm service I received from my previous company" - Shannon E. - Fort Lauderdale, FL ......... "Very Fast. Easy to Install. No issues what so ever. Thanks!"- Mary S. - Raliegh, NC .......... "I was tired of paying high rates for alarm monitoring. Switching to AlarmSnap was fast and easy" - Mel J. - San Antonio, TX ..........



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  In compliance with UL 827, Standard for Central Station Services,
Automation systems and NFPA72 National Fire Alarm Code.       

   *WNationwide Licensing

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